Welcome to Agape Bible Studies Online

You may want to really know the Bible, but don't know where to start. We offer a free, 6-course non-denominational Bible curriculum online. You can study in the comfort of you own home, at your own pace, at times you select. Agape Bible Studies Online is a study of basic Bible doctrine which provides you with a solid foundation of Christian knowledge. If you have a desire to know the Bible and about Jesus Christ but do not know where to start, this curriculum is for you.

Each course is presented in sections. You read the section and then answer the questions for that section. Your answers will be automatically graded and you will be given the correct answers for any questions you have answered incorrectly once you have submitted your answers for that section. Once you have completed a course, you are awarded a beautiful certificate which you can print. You then move on to the next course.

Are you ready for a wonderful, life-changing experience in the study of God's word, the Bible? If so, ENROLL now.

Bible Study Made Easy

  •  6-course study true to the Bible
  •  Provides a solid foundation in Bible
  •  Absolutely free, no catches
  •  Non-denominational, strictly Bible
  •  Study in the comfort of your own home
  •  Study at times you select
  •  Work at your own pace