FAITH - Course 1
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This course teaches you the importance of faith and how to develop this foundation of trust in God. It provides examples of faith for you to see and understand. You will also read some examples of disobedience.

The Bible Is God's Truth - Course 2
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This course teaches about God and His word and how God communicates with man. The different ages and laws used by God in His relationship with man are thoroughly explained. Helpful hints are given for more effective study.

Miracles - Course 3
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This course is tremendously important in understanding Godís power and how He uses His power. Are miracles happening today? This and many other important questions are answered.

Christ's Church - Course 4
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Some say there are more than 11,000 different churches in the world today, all teaching different doctrines. Can they all be from God? How do you identify the New Testament church? Which is the correct church? This course gives the answers.

God's Salvation - Course 5
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What does God require to be saved from sin? How are we saved? This course tells and explains the specific steps according to Godís word, the Bible, which place you in a saved relationship with God.

A Complete Faith - Course 6
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This course is a questionnaire which will lead you to a deep personal examination of where you are in your relationship with God. Through inspired scripture from God, you will understand what you need to do to make that relationship one that He wants.


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